trust no one like David Duchovny

Last night I hung out with my good friend Valery and it was fun. Her record is on the go right now and I think it’s going to be awesome. Pre-order the box set here.

I’ll be posting some music, later this morning, but here’s a little situation that’s been bugging me. On the way home I was waiting to cross the street at a red light when a girl came running up to me crying. I had my headphones so I took them off ( mistake #1), and she was hysterically begging me to help her. She didn’t want money, she just wanted me to buy her some food from Mc Donald’s ( which we were outside of). She told me she was pregnant and had messed up her life, and just wanted something to eat. Mc Donald’s isn’t really my first choice of meals for people who haven’t eaten all day and are pregnant, but it was a bit late and all that was open. I decided to help her out, she looked pretty upset, and in the grand sheme of things what difference does $5 make, right?

Quite a bit. As soon as we got inside, the tears stop and all of sudden my new friend has got attitude. She orders a Mc Chicken meal ( supersized) a 10 pack of nuggets, 2 cokes, a pie, and ice cream. Lets be serious for a second here. Do I want to help this girl? Of course. Do I want to feel like I’ve just been totally duped and spend about $25 at Mc Donald’s? No way. So I let her know that there’s really no way I’m paying for all that ( as she was arguing with the cashier about how long the nuggets were going to take), and without really even looking at me she informs me that ” ok, I guess I won’t get the ice cream this time. this time? You’re definitely on some crazy ass drugs.

For some unknown reason I still ended up paying for her Mc chicken meal and cancelling the rest. The only problem is she’s totally left a bad taste in my mouth regarding helping people on the street who are less fortunate. Was she really pregnant? Was she really broke? Should she star in numerous films due to her uncanny ability to cry and look helpless on command? Oh right, as I left the store, she asked me if I’d pay for her to take a cab home. I’m a sucker.


Oh no, did I just give my credit card away? But she said she was a homeless alien lifeform……

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2 thoughts on “trust no one like David Duchovny

  1. chilllukec says:

    yeah you got suckered…it is possible she hadn’t eaten all day though. or that may be her hustle. i always consider consider that, living in the city tax.

  2. Valery says:

    David Duchovny was a woman on Twin Peaks. Well no, he was an FBI agent that found out he liked to dress as a woman. So he ended up fooling a slew of bad guys by bringing them food on a tray dressed as a local waitress. And David had legs, let me tell you.

    So the rule is yeah, you can’t even trust David. Cause David is sneaky.

    It’s just you and five dolla against the world.

    No but in all seriousness, that sucks and it was a nice thing for you to do. But yeah, some people leech off of kindness. You can’t give them an inch. Weird.

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