win win win win win listen win.

So it’s a new month, and it’s time for the 1st annual contest. Here’s the details -

What do you want from me?

A sound. Good ones, terrible ones, bad ones, whichever sound you have that you think is the most unique and interesting. It could be something you recorded with your phone, computer, dictaphone, wax cylinder, etc..

Well, what do I get out of it?

The top 5 submissions will be posted on a page here for your listening and voting pleasure ( this is assuming 5 people read this site and will all send something). The sound with the most votes gets it’s own piece made especially for it to be released on an ep coming out in May. And a special prize that I’ll discuss more as the month goes on….

Soooo, when do I have to send it to you by?

Submissions open today and close on February 20th.

Geez, this sure sounds like fun. I can’t wait to send mine in!! Can I send more then 1???

Since you’re so enthusiastic about it, why not. Send as many times as you’d like. Remeber, fidelity isn’t the point, some of the best recordings “sound” terrible.

Post any questions on the comments page, and I’ll respond with a smart ass answer. I hope to hear from you (literally) soon.`


Hey man, if he can haul that rig into an Amazonian jungle, you can pull out your cell phone …

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2 thoughts on “win win win win win listen win.

  1. valery says:

    I was looking at some pathetic keyboard I got from Jordan this morning, and telling myself that I needed to send you over some of it’s grossness. Just a head’s up.
    ps I miss you

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