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One of the most interesting parts of being a musician that I’m constantly learning about over time is the whole process of making an album. Every single person you talk to has a different way to approach it. Some need a multi thousand dollar a day complex in Hawaii, others demand vocals done in a church bell tower, and some just want to drink tea and hide in their basement. It’s all relevant and it all works differently for different people.

I’ve been lucky enough lately to do some remixing with stop.die.resuscitate and myself for a few artists that I really respect and love. We were talking yesterday about the whole process, and on a purely geek level, I love doing them because you get a behind the scenes look at what the artist has done to put their song together. You get to hear the separate vocal track, complete with the foot shuffling and usually inaudible grunting of the singer, the creaking of drum stools, and dozens of other interesting sounds that get lost in a full mix of a band. The other crazy thing is that sometimes you listen to individual tracks and realize that alone they sound TERRIBLE, but through the magic combination of whatever each of those musicians do, it adds up to an amazing performance/song.

Here’s something I’m working on for the brave and the bold, Ronley Teper. She’s one of our most creative and interesting song writers, and she’s the only person that lets me use samples of my cat, bees, dolphins, and rusted cans all in the same set…..

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One thought on “remix a remix of a remix

  1. rob says:

    “she’s the only person that lets me use samples of my cat, bees, dolphins, and rusted cans all in the same set…..”

    I beg to differ. The only sample I’ve not let you use when playing with me is the one you have of my grandmother. You know which one I mean.

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