Today, like thousands of other people in Toronto, I was very excited on getting my hands on an iphone. I, like many other people went to a fido store to line up like a big fan boy and make sure I had it right away. Hell, I even sold my ipod his week, because hey, who needs it anymore? It turns out for a number of reasons, I do -

- the fido store I went to ( King/University) is one of the main downtown dealers. they received 18 phones. Are you crazy? 18? People had been lining up since 7 am when building security allowed them inside from the pouring rain. Because I’m a bonehead I didn’t have my recorder with me, but the collective groan/cries of fury from the geek crowd when this announcement was made was almost worth the trip down. The girl at the store told us to try The Eaton center location, and a very large and very wet man yelled to all of us that he had just been there and ” the iron fisted ration-ers only had 180, and there was about 400 people in line.” When grumbles of hidden iphones in the back of the store started, and maybe we should just have a look ourselves, I was out of there…

- Next I decided to just call Fido, and after a 15 minute wait time (totally expected) and order one. I spoke with a customer service rep who was very helpful, and kindly let me know that my total would be $624. Whhhhhaaaaa?? Apparently, Apple informed the Fido/Rogers staff last night that existing customers of their services will not be able to switch their existing plan over to an iphone plan, they have to buy themselves out of their old contract, and set up a completely new 3 year contract with the iphone. Price to buy yourself out of the remaining just under 2 years? $400. Even though I’m still maintaining my service with the company and making a 3 year commitment.

So basically Rogers/Apple has this whole thing sewn up pretty tight. Whose to blame? My rep pointed all evil fingers at Apple, while Apple has been reported to be pretty red in the face at Rogers. Who knows. Either way, no GPS/Safari surfing/icalender syncing/game playing/talking for me today.


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2 thoughts on “isuck.

  1. Adam says:

    I upgraded to early to 2.0 and now it’s useless.
    I have to wait for the russians to get me a fix. BAH!

  2. senior says:

    I also iSuck — went to the Eaton Centre, but they only had 8GB phones (and big lines), so I went to the Rogers Video on Front St. They had a couple of 16GB phones, but then the Rogers computer system crashed! I gave up after half an hour.

    That’s weird about your plan — my co-worker just swapped in the iPhone plan for his current contract, no problem.

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