just because it sounds bad ……

……doesn’t necessarily make it “lo- fi” aka low fidelity. People seem to throw that word around a lot in the past couple years as almost an excuse for doing rushed or bad recordings. Let me clarify -
If your guitar is out of tune on your album – IT”S NOT LO FI – Tune it next time.Please.

If your drummer’s time is terrible and the drums are very nice but are tuned like empty water jugs and you hate them but don’t’ know how to do anything about them - IT”S NOT LO FI – It just means your drums sound like shit and your drummer needs a metronome.

If all you have to record your music on is an old four track recorder and some vintage mics in a crazy little room in your house – IT’S PROBABLY LOW FI – Something can truly be called lo fi when it’s recorded on actual low fidelity gear such as cassette decks or crazy old tape machines, and when it basically fails to achieve the accuracy and “transparency” that’s the goal of hi-fi audio.

I’m not hating on low fi sounds at all, I love them. All I’m ranting about is that I’m tired of musicians trying to pass off poor recording techniques and general musical laziness for trying to get that “lo fi” sound. For example, here’s something from this morning that isn’t lo fi, I recorded it on nice gear, but it sounds like shit because I’m a monkey today and my ears aren’t working yet. I readily admit my own shortcomings.

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One thought on “just because it sounds bad ……

  1. senior says:

    Joel Plaskett’s LaDeDa album is awesome, but a bunch of the tracks have a really annoying tape hiss over the songs. It’s supposed to be a paired-down, simplified album, but the sound quality is shite.

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