talk amongst yourselves. No, really do it.

It’s been a couple days since I’ve been here, my apologies to the on average 7.3 of you who visit, especially to the 0.3. You’ve probably got a lot of things to deal with being only a percentage of a person, and the last thing you need is a lazy musician sound blogger not updating and giving you something to read. I really messed up your day and I’m sorry.
So a person close to me has been going through a really rough time, probably the roughest any of us will really have to deal with. it’s made think about a lot of things, but mainly how as people we don’t seem to react in a completely truthful way until the chips are really down and the end seems to be near.

When someone is terminally ill, generally flowers, letters, cards, and all sorts of different kinds of love in tangible form seem to pour in. That’s fine and I understand that it’s important to feel supported in times of need and stress. What my point is is why we have to wait until the point where it’s almost too late to really make these things known to each other? Are we then doing it to put ourselves at peace more so then for the benefit of the person who is receiving the sentiments? It’s tough to say.
I wish, and not to sound too “give peace a chance lets make our utopia heal everything” about it, we could express even some of these things to each other that we seem to reserve for that last moment. I know there’s many of you out there who do this on a daily basis, and I congratulate and admire you. I don’t and I’m really going to try. I talk so much shit sometimes that I have close friends who don’t know when to take me seriously. That needs to change.
Preachiest blog entry in the history of my little space ( 1 year last week by the way, happy birthday!!)*, but I feel like this is important. here’s part of something quiet I was working on last night when it was snowing and I couldn’t seem to find some sleep.

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** thanks a million times over to web lord Robin Senior for keeping everything here and oh so easy for me to pontificate and play ambient sounds.

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One thought on “talk amongst yourselves. No, really do it.

  1. Joel says:

    Ahmen, good post Josh.

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