sorry if this is seems cold.

As a bit of an audio pervert, I set certain rules for myself pertaining to sounds I won’t record. Some are for moral reasons, others because I just don’t like the sound and dont’ think anyone really wants/needs to hear it. Crying and mournful sounds aren’t something I’m interested in listening to on repeat in my headphones, and neither are the sounds of homeless or less fortunate people. I’m extremely lucky to do what I do for a living, and have a nice cozy apartment where I make all sorts of things and spend time with all sorts of people. I don’t feel the need to take advantage of hearing something people would consider starnge or funny coming from the mouth of a person who may or may not have the mental capacity to understand what they’re saying. It cheapens things and I feel as if I’d be taking advantage of someone else’s compromised situation. HOWEVER, this homeless lady

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really pissed me off, so she gets blogged. Some of you may have seen her. She’s very aggressive and frequents the TTC. She happened to be on my subway car giving her speech about nt having eaten for 3 days and she’s very hungry and can we please give her money for food life is hard we don’t get it. Well color me pink, I happen to have a really good salami sandwich and apple in my bag that I was going to eat, but she obviously needs it more then me. I offer her the sandwich expecting maybe a cursory thanks, even mumbled, whatever. What do I get?

whispered “go fuck yourself.”

sorry? Come again? Oh, go fuck myself. Rrrrrrright. The one person on this entire car who will actually take his ipod headphones out of his ears, acknowledge you, and then give you food. Of course, telling me to fuck myself will insure that once again my ever dwindling Nova Scotian spirit of brotherhood and helping one another out shrinks that much more into the urban sprawl. I’m sure you could sense that about me, and in your quest to procure money to buy drugs and god know what else, heaven forbid someone should actually try to give you EXACTLY WHAT YOU ASKED FOR. Food. Sorry, my apologies. I’d reach into my pocket to give you money but I’m too busy fucking myself and getting out my H4 to help support your habit.

I tried, and I’ll continue to try.

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2 thoughts on “sorry if this is seems cold.

  1. valery says:

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard that story from friends, happens all too often. It really sucks eh? I’ve definitely seen that lady before! I can’t believe she told you that!

    Hang in there, country boy. I feel you!! I always think I can talk to people in the city the way I have while growing up, but they all think I’m crazy or a bitch because no one in the city relates to each other the same way.

    Put your head DOWN! DOWN!

  2. Rita says:

    Well, I say Screw her as well. But don’t stop trying to be civil and humane – don’t let the city jade you or you’ll become one of them. Good on you for trying to spread some deli love.

    I’m proud of you.

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