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So last night was Grammy night, and much like the Superbowl, I never know it’s happening until the day after. This year I was pleasantly surprised to read that the album of the year and 4 other awards went to Alison Krauss and Robert Plant’s “Raising Sand‘ record.

I have a small system that I use when it comes to buying records that friends recommend to me, which is once it gets to 3 people telling me to buy it, I just go buy it. I figure if 3 people who know me personally and musically each think there’s something out there I should here, then they’re probably right. What happened with this record is that about 10 people told me about it before I went and got it. So. I bought it, brought it home fully expecting to have my mind completely blown and…………..nothing happened. It sounded pretty, the harmonies between the 2 were nice, but I just didn’t get it. So I listened again, and again, and again, and all of a sudden I realized it was the only record I wanted to hear. EVER AGAIN.

This record crept up on me like no other recording has before. The production from T bone Burnett is so deep, subtle and seamless that I’ve spent the past 3 months buying everything I can that he’s worked on and trying to cop and outright steal every sound trick he has. The rest of the band is amazing, Marc Ribot on guitar brings a real life and edginess to the record, Jay Bellerose is playing god knows what in terms of percussion, but somehow has picked the completely perfect drum sounds for everything. I could on go on but you get it. Even though it’s technically an album of covers, each tune is so well picked to either compliment or challenge Krauss/Plant’s styles that it becomes after a few listens an undeniably good album.

So. Well done Grammys in my humble opinion. Also, I congratulate you on letting Radiohead a) play a song, b) use a marching band super effectively, and c) letting that song be one in 5. challenging and fun for the whole family.

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One thought on “In defense of…

  1. E says:

    Josh! Your blogs are great! Never stop! Your writing is fantastic. You should be a writer- oh wait, you are…love the music, too.

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