That’s just not a good idea

Last night around 11pm I saw something that I had restricted in my mind to happening only on Halloween in small towns. A group of 3 kids were throwing eggs at cars.
Now, I’m not one to condone this kind of delinquency ,
but these kids seriously needed some pointers on how to get away with a little bit of late night semi – innocent fun. For starters, they were SUPER drunk. Stumbling over each other, with a egg hit rate of about 25% which is just poor. Egging cars takes concentration, timing, and crack shot aim, and being obliterated doesn’t really help any of these traits.
Secondly, you need to find a good hiding spot somewhere a little of the road that you’re working with, and out of view of any cars that may stop. Our new friends, probably due to their drunkenness, decided that a good “hiding” spot would be behind a chain link fence that went up to their waists and was lining the side walk. Very, very stupid.
And why is that stupid? People bigger then you can easily jump over it. And that’s pretty much what happened. They egged a nice big looking truck that probably saw them pelting as he was coming along, he slammed on the brakes, jumped out took chase, and probably beat the shit out of a very drunk kid. You just can’t really do that kind of stuff in Toronto and expect to get away unscathed.

And a small piece of good news to finish my rant; some music from my first album One Window and the new ep ( which now has a release date of April 14th, I swear!! I have people working with me, and if I don’t have everything ready by then I’m in serious trouble) has been picked up to be used on the Outdoor Life Network show Departures. Once I get the episodes and stuff I’ll try and put them up here.

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