Oh AC. Better this time but not there yet.

hey folks. I’m back from a successful little trip out west. The shows were great, and took place in a great theater that Michael J. fox helped build/fund. It’s nice to know that my hours watching and loving Marty McFly. and Teenwolf resulted in benefits directly to me later in life. Karmic investment perhaps

I also randomly heard and saw a 61 person Gaelic choir. It was kind of awesome and crazy. here it is from backstage –

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And so Air Canada. Here’s a short version –
- my flight was scheduled for 8 am. I arrive at 6:50 because I really need to make sure I’m on this flight on time
– I wait in the domestic line for about 10 minutes, and suddenly an agent draws the rope across where myself and about 10 others are in line and walks away. As do the 2 agents behind the counter. No explanation.
- I find another line to be in after about 10 minutes of aimless wandering. This one moves fairly fast, I check in with no real issues. The woman behind the counter is actually quite pleasant and has a son who is a drummer.
– I get a coffee and head to my gate. Once I arrive and sit down, I check my boarding pass to see if I’ll be sitting close to my bass player who is on the same flight. I then notice my flight time is an hour and half later then his, and my flight number is different.
- I start to ask questions. Agent #1 says the flight was overbooked and since I checked in after 730 I got bumped. Interesting, because it says the check in time on my boarding pass was 710.
- Agent #2 tells me that there was a “safety issue” and people had to be moved. I don’t really know what that meant, but the people around me who heard it didn’t seem to be thrilled about getting on the plane at this point.
- Agent #3 tells me there are seats available and the plane ISN’T over booked, but since my luggage was already loaded on to another plane there was nothing they could do. I’m now getting frustrated. She directs me to Customer service and suggests I speak with a manager.
- At customer service, where I’m trying really hard not to be rude. Maybe I am, you tell me, but I’m suuuure not getting many answers from this person.

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- This is the AC defense tactic, called ” the CS shuffle” Basically, they wind you up and let you dance around a whole series of people who pass you off in a lateral motion so you never get anywhere.
– As we’re talking, a manager happens to come out of the office and stops to check in. Here’s where things take a turn. Her name is Mary, she listens very well, and is genuinely concerned abotu what happen. She writes down what I tell, and asks if she could take my boarding pass and print me a new one so she can look into it further. She apologizes profusely on AC’s part. when she comes back, she hands me pass and says she found me a seat with a little more leg room. I think that’s a really nice gesture, and I thank her for help. It turns out her version of a little more leg room was to move me to first class, with full 3 course meal and my own crazy little sleeping pod thing. I love you Mary.
Moral of the story – My friends know me and that I worked in a customer service position for a long time, and am generally a patient person when it comes issues where there’s a problem and someone who didn’t cause it has to fix it. However, AC tests my patience repeatedly, and after the holidays this year I made a vow to myself to not get shuffled like a deck of cheap cards through their monopolizing hands. Therefore any time I get screwed around by them, they’re going to hear about it, my H4 is going to hear it, and so are you.

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One thought on “Oh AC. Better this time but not there yet.

  1. Valery says:

    crazy little sleeping pod thing. that made me laugh. you should have tried to get AC to replace your headphones while they were at it.
    heck, why not eh?

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