Things my 6 year old student says to me – March 31st

I’ve been teaching drums to a very, very smart and talented kid now for about 8 months, and along with sight reading things I write out for him like a freaking trained ninja assassin, he says the most random and interesting things to me. From now on, every Tuesday I’ll do my best to remember the top 3. Here’s this week’s in no particular order.

1. “Did George Washington have a wooden tooth? Did he like to eat wood? If he did do you think he’d eat his own tooth? Gross!!!”

2. “What does potentially mean? Do you say words like that to try and confuse me? Tell ME!!!”

3. This one is actually the craziest/best thing he’s ever said to me. The conversation went like this -

Student – ” Jooooosh, gues what? Today I saw the future?”

Josh – ” Cool! How did you do that?”

S – “I closed my eyes and then pressed them reallllly hard with my hands, and then I saw clouds coming towards me, and then they went away and I saw palm trees and sand and I was in Egypt!! I was Moses.”

Jsilence as I take this in. ” If you were Moses wouldn’t that mean it was the past?”

Ssilence as he takes this in. ” yeah, you’re right!! It was in the future!!! It was me when I was old and I was really really gianormous!! And Moses. Can you teach me the song Jesus of Suburbia?”

I would really love to record these conversations, but it’s just morally wrong, kidsploitation you know? Anyway, I’ll give you the weekly transcription from now on.

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4 thoughts on “Things my 6 year old student says to me – March 31st

  1. Josh says:



  2. Alexis says:

    This kid is awesome… so awesome that I think you should put the whole bad feelings about kidsploitation aside and record the kid.
    Do it.

  3. meredith says:

    I miss spending time with tiny ones!

    At Christmastime my 6-year old neice sang us the most epic song and strummed the guitar she’d just received and it was so so great, best line “look to the skies/you can see your eyes/the skies can look like that”

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