Nothing says spring like a fresh shirt and someone mowing a lawn and my neighbor singing along really really loud in the shower to Stevie Nicks.

It’s been a busy few days as usual I suppose, I need to stop trying to make excuses for not posting every day. You’re tired of my pleading “just wait another day, I promise I’ll post something really witty and funny and great sounding and provocative!”. No no, you want it now and you deserve it. So, here’s a bunch of stuff, some pictures, some music and some musings.



Played a great show with Val on Wednesday, she sounded awesome and the band played really well. The Drake is a bit of a strange one to do a show in, seats are all along the sides and the bar is at the back of the room, which = a giant gap in front of the performer. Always unnerving. This picture is from my little back corner where I make a bunch of percussive things go on. I’m going to try to take a picture from my perspective at every show from now, and if I can a little H4 action too, just to give some more perspective besides my ramblings about the show last night blah bllah.


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A little clip from the Josh Cockerill stuff we’ve been working on. It’s been really fun and it’s coming together. Look at him, what a handsome,stand up model young man. Meredith took a bunch of photos from a show at the Dakota last week and they look really nice, check her out.


I helped my good friend Steve record the Dears show at the Mod Club last night, and they were awesome. I don’t know any of their music really, just never checked it out, but will for sure now. By some stroke of terrible luck they had their tour bus stolen yesterday morning before they even left for their first day of the tour. Weird. I was speaking with someone about it this morning and I made the point that at least it wasn’t halfway through the tour. He quickly agreed and said ” yeah, that would have sucked. They would have lost all the souvenirs and the left over booze they had stolen off of the rider” Ummmmm, right, I was thinking about the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF IRREPLACEABLE GEAR THAT WOULD BE GONE. Anyway. What was also lame is I heard the lead singer after the show freaking out because someone had stolen his bottle of whiskey out of their dressing room. Dear theives, please leave this band alone for the rest of their tour, thank you.

Alright, clean clothes time. Have a great day.

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One thought on “laundry

  1. Robin says:

    The Dears are great, but Murray (the lead singer) is infamous for his tantrums. If he’s in a great mood, you’re in for a hell of a show. If he’s not, look out! Check out how many people have quit the band for a good idea of what working with him must be like.

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