one more day

Hi friends, sorry I went missing temporarily, my little iphone updater is on the fritz, and I don’t know how to talk it into coming back to me. I think it misses home and is trying to tell me. So, no sound or picture today, just a quick word with you.

I had a fantastic time in Liverpool and saw my wonderful friends Alexis and Sam. They took us to all sorts of places, places where DJ’s rap and play basses with no headstocks, where old men try to lead you to their immobile friends who want to touch your hand, to streets where all sorts of people are inexplicably dressed in the craziest costumes I’ve seen outside of of an acid ridden Halloween ( from what people say). It’s a very cool town and I saw some great bands. I also met Billy Bragg which made me happy and others jealous and angry.

I’ve spent the past few days now in Manchester. What to say about this town. Here’s a point form summary -

- I’ve never seen so much make up on girls in my life. They look like they’re auditioning for clown school or are off to war on a battle field where the appropriate camo is to look like a clown.

- Men here are the most aggressive creatures on this planet. Predetorial sharks would back off from these dudes. They’ll literally push you out of the way to talk to the girl you’re standing with, and if you try to intervene, they will want to fight you. In fact, most of the guys here seem to want to fight you all the time.

- People really really take their football REALLY SERIOUSLY. I heard a man proclaim last night that he actually weeps for the losses of his team.And I believe him. If you’re ever in Manchester and anyone asks you if you’re red or blue, don’t answer, just run. Fast. 2 of the other guys in the band have had this conversation lead to a knife being pulled on them and an ensuing bar brawl. It’s serious. SERIOUS.

Ok, gotta run. I’m back on home turf tomorrow and have some pictures and some great sounds to share with you. I miss you.

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