last night

Interesting night. The Outlanders played at the Luminato Festival Gala opening at the National Ballet Center, and I think it went well. I think. We played well and we had fun, but it’s so hard to tell at events like that if people are enjoying what you;re doing, don’t care what you’re doing, or just want you to stop what you’re doing. I think I have a tendency to over think about a crowd before I play, in terms of should I come out guns blazing, should I try and ease into things, etc. The Outlanders team sort of cleared that up for me last night, summary being in those cases we’ve been hired to play by someone who has seen us do our thing, they know what we’re about and that’s why we’re there so just do it. Fair enough.
Pre show the led us to a green room downstairs to wait to play in a couple hours. That was totally fine, except for the fact that we weren’t allowed to leave the green room. At all. I find it a bit curious and almost sad that an arts festival doesn’t want the artists featured in the festival to be able to communicate at an event where there’s other artists and people that could benefit from communicating with each other. Make sense? Here’s the fuzz that was guarding our basement dwelling gates.
And here’s a glamor shot of the Festiva and some classy posing. I think I saw women with shoes more expensive then my car.

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