Due to some unforseen transportational circumstances I’m in Halifax for a little longer. Missed the flight by a few minutes, so we’re catching one in a couple hours. Luckily HAlifax international is one of the few places on this coporate earth that offers free wifi, so I can email catch up and write what’s sounding so far like a completely boring post.
Things here have gone super well. It’s amazing how a fresh set of ears can totally turn a tune that had a question mark beside it into something that you want to release as the single of your record. What excites us too is that we’re going to be able to do the bulk of the recording together in a room as a band to tape. Remember, before computers and editing and quantizing and pitch shifting and t paining? Yeah, me neither, but I know that most of my favorite records were made that way, lots of sounds bleeding into other sounds, mistakes, great moments, and wait for it, good songs. This week really put some fun back into music for me. I hung with my best friends, got to know one of my favorite Canadian artists, saw my folks, had an amazing rib dinner ( Hannah/Scott I love you and your cats), and am feeling good. I’m gonna go drink some more coffee and see how many steps there from here to the starbucks. There’s also a kid running back and forth in front of me, maybe I’ll see if he wants to race. See you soon.

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