Day 1 – Sudbury

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Charming Sudbury, why haven’t I come to visit you sooner? Oh right, there’s not really anything here. No offense to anyone from Sudbury of course, we actually met some really interesting locals last night as a matter of fact.
Like Morgan, who could of been 16 or 32, it was hard to say. She did inform us that “Calgary was her favorite place I Toronto, it’s so nice that it’s right on the water. ” Or her boyfriend Chad who wanted us to play our first set again because he couldn’t remeber the name of his favorite song but he’d kn ow it when he heard it and cmon he bought a cd and a poster and he deserves it and uh oh he has to go because he got banned from the bar last week for dealing coke and there’s the owner. Or Michael, a lovely gentleman who has been hearing the record on CBC and wanted to come check it out live. We promised we’d play his tune in the second set, which we did, but he didn’t notice bcause he fell asleep at his table. Either he got really drunk without me noticing or he was just really sleepy. Or we suck.
Gonna try and get some sort of little video up each day, here’s one now……..

The stage looked super green last night too in a Lou Ferrigno/80′s hulk way. Overall, show was great and we had a lot of fun. See you tomorrow?

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