Day 3/4 Thunder Bay

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Spent the last 2 nights in the great crossroads of Northern Ontario, and it’s been kind of fun. The city has a great waterfront area, some good food and extremely friendly people. The club we played maintains some good old world sensibilities, in the sense that Tina (the bar owners probably 70+ mother) had a giant chicken and potato dinner ready for us as soon as we got there, and a giant plate of nachos for us as soon as we finished. Sweet lady for sure. They also have a surprisingly clean apartment upstairs that bands are welcome to stay in, complete with a coffee maker and an almost life sized 80′s Superman/7 up ad. They must have read my rider.
Had the night off last night and went to see 2012. It’s funny to go see a movie like this because almost every human there (it was full I may add) was complaining as they walked out about how terrible it was, waste of money, should have stayed home etc. I’m sure this happens everyday, about 6 times a day because that’s how many times it’s showing at that theatre. Now, open up the Thunder Bay newspaper or speak to any club owner in the city, and you’ll hear the same tale of empty bars, shows with almost zero attendance, and bands that can’t afford to come here anymore because they won’t even be able to cover their gas costs.
So, now we have 2 camps, the public who has a bad taste in their mouth over the bullshit movies they keep going to see for $10 plus whatever food they buy, and the music scene which is brimming with talent and the willingness to play they’re asses off no matter how people are there. Sounds like you should all get together and work this out, no?
I realize the appeal of a bad movie as much as anyone, we went last night, only after trying unsuccessfully to find music on a Thunder Bay Sunday night. What Im asking is take one night out in the next month in whatever town you’re in, and go see some live art rather then a movie. Be it music, dance, theatre, fire juggling, whatever, just support the creative community within your community. Im not trying to turn this into a public service announcement even though i suppose I did, but it’s my blog goddamnit sooooo….anyway, think about it. There’s so many good things happening in every nook and corner of this country, go check one out and tell me about it. Off to Manitoba today, send us some good weather thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Day 3/4 Thunder Bay

  1. Christine says:

    oh my god I LOVE that Superman ad! sweet!

  2. E says:

    Nice plea/psa. Good one.

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