beck’s record club

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God bless beck for many reasons. Most recently for his record club project, where he gets a bunch of fun people that he loves, picks an album that he loves, and records a cover of the entire album in a day. Unimaginably fun, and the results sounds great. The most recent one was a Skip Spence record, and he brought in the legendary James Gadson ( most notably Bill Withers drummer), Jamie Lidell, all of Wilco, Feist and others. Check out a tune here……

Record Club: Skip Spence “Books Of Moses” from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Also, go to Becks site for a great hour long interview with Gadson himself. Thank you Beck. And here’s a video that always makes me smile, mainly because James Gadson is smiling the biggest smile in all of smiletown throughout the entire thing. Is it because the shit sounds so incredibly funky or is Bill Wither’s turtle neck just too tight to keep a straight face? Probably both.

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2 thoughts on “beck’s record club

  1. Kevin Howley says:

    aahhh shiiiitttttttt!!!!!

    Can we start our own record club? Good gaawwdd…although we can just do a tune in a day. a whole record might be too ambitious…at the start..

    Game on son.

  2. david says:

    some day josh…you will be as cool as the drummer in that video. deadly song.

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