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The last couple times I’ve gone through a period where I really wanted to write some new music, I would intentionally stop listening to anything else. I wanted to try and keep my head clear and the ideas fresh, try to not rip anybody off and sound like “myself”. I realized this week that idea (for me) is some pretentious bull shit. No matter what I do or try to do I’ll still end up sounding like myself because it’s me doing it. It’s my own limitations and ego and fears that’ll get in the way, and it’s my own imagination that’ll hopefully pull me through into something interesting. I’ve been listening to TONS of music this week, and to be honest I feel like I’m doing some of my best work. Feeling inspired and having fun with the process. Taking lots of ideas from the things I’m hearing and using them in my own way. Regardless if I shut myself down from music or not, I still have 29 ears of hearing things built up in my brain, so thinking I can be free of outside influence is a bit ridiculous. Anyway. Here’s a couple things that have been getting me real excited -

Owen Pallett’s record “Heartland”. Really unique sounding songs with biiiiiig interesting orchestration.

And my norwegian love affair that I keep taking about to friends because their new record “One Armed Bandit” is a lumbering titan of muscle and musical intrigue…

….and Paul Simon just because it makes me feel good.

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