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All throughout the annals of modern history, through decades and perhaps centuries, musicians and artists have been referred to as being lazy, ineffectual, and generally an unreliable sort of creature. Mothers would shy their daughters away from us, covering their long batting eyes with their multi colored parasol, hoping ( in a stereotypically stodgy accent), ” Goodness me I hope she never ends up with one of those louses. how do they get a long without the common respect for time and those who have so little of it? Tsk.”

I’ve spent years defending myself and my friends against this type of criticism , providing examples of those of us who have held down various day job over the years where even 5 minutes of tardiness can land you back in the closest hotel gig playing for $30 at a wedding where you see the groom give a wink and a nefarious conspiratorial smile to the brides’ maid’s younger sister. As of late though, I gotta be honest with you and with myself. Fuck it. We’re unreliable. We’re everything they’ve said we were and worse.

A prime example of this is how many shows start sooooo late after the time advertised time, to the point where I’ve been at shows where even the band isn’t there for the 930 first set because they know it’s not gonna happen til 10. And musicans, how many times has this happened to you after you actually attempted to start right at 930 ( or were forced by very time conscious sound man)

Lead singer - Thanks a lot and goodnight!

walks off stage to grab a drink as 6 people walk in together

human - hey dude, just in time. you guys about to go on?

lead singer - we just finished actually.

human - what? I thought you went on at 930???!

lead singer. We did. It’s 10:34.

human – yeah I know!! We figured we were right on time.

It’s turned into a vicious unreliable circle. Musicians are always want to start shows late because no one is there yet, but people don’t want to come early because they know they won’t start til late.

I’m keeping my personal life out of this for the most part, but this situation totally leaks over into the day to day. I’ve got a lot of people that if we have plans to meet at 1:30, I generally start to get myself ready to leave the house at 1:35 because I know they’re going to be late. It completely defeats the purpose of making any form of plan for yourself and what you need to get done in a day.

enough complaining, I’m tired of it so if you made it this far you sure as shit are too. The solution? Lets all start small ok? For one week, make a really big effort to BE WHERE YOU SAID YOU”RE GOING TO BE WHEN YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO BE THERE. Sometimes unforseen things happen, I get it, transit in TO can be crazy etc etc, but just make an honest effort my fair readers. i will too and we’ll all be so happy spending our punctual time together.

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4 thoughts on “allllllll together now

  1. Dean says:


    I hope we didn’t have plans today. But man, if we did, let me have it. Had a deadline on a mix so I got going on it. Did you want me to make some noise on something? I know you are leaving tomorrow. But I could probably free myself up for a bit if you wanted. Or maybe when you get back. I’m free until May.

  2. Dean says:

    And coincidentally I am having pints before the blue rodeo show and was worried about what time to leave so I don’t miss anything. So it’s safe for me to drink for a few more hours?

  3. alexis says:

    i love this.
    the second paragraph kills me in the best way possible.

    I remember coming early to your gig when i was back last time… thinking it was an 8:30 start, when it was 9:30. needless to say things started to get rolling at about 10:45. it’s all good though cause you’re bang on time for breakfast! speaking of breakfast, can we do breakfast/brunch like we used to when i come back? that would be awesome. back in april so clear your morning schedule!

    liverpool is shit.

  4. joshuavt says:

    Dean – you’re in the clear. I think between now and may we can find at least 4 and half daylight hours where we’re both free. I think. As for the show, those boys are family men and unions charge overtime ,so I’d say safe bet on an on the dime start…
    Alexis – I remember that show and felt terrible. Come home soon and breakfast is on. We’ve been rocking them hard here lately, they’ve actually been going long enough that they become dinner. Get excited, we are.

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