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I’ve been slack on the blogging this week but I swear it’s for good reason. for one I’ve been working a real job like a real little worker monkey. Due to cirmcumstances beyond my financial control I’ve been temporarily forced into the world of papers, offices and business casual attire…..for now…I’ll come back to satying at home and making weird sounds for the entertainment of a very small but dedicated informed internet audience very soon. Until then, here’s some things that have been making me happy and keeping my mind sharp…..

1. Joseph Boyden books – tales of Northern Ontario, World Wars, downtown Manhatten, guns that talk, and forbidden loves. That’s about everything you need in a novel right? A friend gave me one of his books, Through Black Spruce for Christmas, and I recently plowed through it the pre cursor Three Day Road. Both compelling and beautifully written stories. Get ‘em.

2. Share – band from New Brunswick, where I’m starting to think the best indie rock/folk/pop  music in Canada is coming from. It’s a record that grew on me slow and steady like a moss, then all of a sudden fast like a teenage growth spurt. Lots of beautiful songs and great sounds

3. Peggy Baker Dance Company – Don’t know a whole lot about dance, but a quick google search shows that this woman is the real deal and one of the most respected dancers in North America. Her new show Confluence starts next week at the Enwave theatre in the Harbour Front Centre and looks pretty awesome. Details and a preview video heeeeere.

Back to work….

Music this weekend, I promise

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One thought on “friday

  1. meredith says:

    I first read that as “Through Black Spruce for Christmas” and I was like “YEAH, I LOVE CHRISTMAS, I’M GOING TO READ THAT”, but now I’m no longer interested.

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