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Well folks, it’s been a busy time and once again I’ve been a slack blogger. Only the occasional post of a completely awesome looking Bill Wither documentary and some rants. Things have been great in my world, and I figure today I’ll tell you about a couple random things that are happening or have made me happy or not.

Tinariwen -
My good friend and great musician/writer Stacey hooked me up huge with tickets to see these guys at the Phoenix, which for once pretended it didn’t sound like a giant rock club bathroom and actually made the band sound great. Actually, it helped to show great the band sounded is a more correct way to phrase it. They played some crazy rhythms that I can only assume are straight out of Mali, like this one      ( sorry for the distortion, the H4 can’t handle the awesomeness of desert music…) -

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I left early due to a cold, but apparently shit got crazy in the best kind of African music way, and a dance party ensued.

Matt Anderson
– I went to Glen Gould to see Matt play last night. and he absolutely destroyed it. He’s undoubtedly one of the best performers I’ve ever seen in my life. The perfect blend of humility, charm, raw talent, a vocal range that would make Bobby Mc Ferrin blush, and blistering guitar technique, he’s total package. And one of the world’s friendliest humans as well. It’s inspiring to see someone so deserving do so damn well. He just got back from Memphis where he won the solo category in the International Blues Competition. That’s huge. And completely awesome.

Debashis Sinha – I got lucky and saw a Peggy Baker dance piece a couple times last week, which means I got to get blown away by Debashis’s perfectly composed music twice as well. It was refershing to hear music that was so full of sounds, but that wasn’t totally ambient or devoid of harmonic content. It moved and shifted and came back on itself, and was the perfect sound track for what was happening on stage. I need to check out more of his stuff, maybe we all should? Try something new, go for it.

A new project! – I’ve been wanting to get back into some sound tinkering and sampling for a little while now, I’ve just been extremely lucky and have been playing lots of drums with fun people. I’ve got an idea for something that would be really Toronto-centric, involving some image work from the ridiculously talented Tara McMullen. She knows I’ve got something up my sleeve and I haven’t explained it to her yet, but I will, real soon, and then I’ll explain it here and you can tell me if it’s bullshit or not, deal?

March is a good month if you feel like enjoying some music featuring not one, but 2 Josh’s. I play with Josh Cockerill, and also a great band that JC plays in as well called the Long Haul. I’m playing with Josh C every Thursday in March at the Cameron House, 6-8, and every Friday with Long Haul from now til the end of summer potentially, 6-8pm as well. Come down after work and say hello.Or if the later laife styl suits your fancy, we’re playing with Josh at the Dakota on Friday night, and the Long Haul at Mitzi’s Sister on Saturday night. Whatever works. Or none of them at all. Take a night, call up someone you haven’t seen in a while, have drink, catch up, go home early. Wake up refreshed and thinking, ” wow, so and so ” is doing super well, good for them!. It’s your night, I merely offer options for entertainment…..

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