Halifax, seriously?

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As anyone who reads this blog knows, I’m from Nova Scotia, and I’m proud of it. It’s has one of the most extreme coast lines in the world, containing giant swells, calm inlets, white sand beaches, sheer rock cliffs and everything in between. One of the most important parts of any province is their capitol city. It’s the first place most tourist look to to get an idea of the culture and the attitudes of the people who live in the area. For years I’ve been happy to tell people how clean, fun, full of arts, and how SAFE a city Hailfax has come to be. Recently, this picture was brought to my attention -

This is a picture of my good friend in Halifax ( who for reasons of safety doesn’t want to be identified) who was walking home around the north end of Halifax 2 nights ago with his girl friend and roommate, when he was swarmed by 6 kids who mercilessly and quickly beat the shit out of him for sport. This is a picture of the aftermath. They said nothing, they stole nothing, they just repeatedly punched and kicked him for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. It’s really, really difficult to not get extremely upset about this so called”sport” which is sickeningly gaining popularity across major cities. What’s the solution? I honestly have no idea. Plain clothes police officers is one that seems to be getting thrown around a lot, but it still requires more staffing, more training, more money which is what the Police departments don’t seem to have any of.

I’ve got no answers, just wanted to make people aware of this complete lunacy/idiocy and hope that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Go here for a cbc article on the incident.

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3 thoughts on “Halifax, seriously?

  1. Christine says:

    this is so sad. sickening.

  2. Chad H says:

    One answer is…. Lower the Young offender Act…
    Kids know they are invincible to the Law.

    Bad kids always figure they can do whatever they want, and know adults who Hit or Touch them will be held accountable in court.

    This ends up resulting in a huge lack of respect for anyone or anything.

  3. dagger says:

    wow josh, that’s horrifying. fuck that makes me mad! thanks for bringing it to everyones attention..

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