recording day one

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For the last 5 months or so the amount of blogging I’ve done on the site has been pretty limited for a few different reasons. One is lack of time; it’s been an insanely busy fall/winter with lots of different records getting made and shows to be played. The other reason is I’ve been lucky enough to work on a slew of albums for people I really respect and care about, and blogging too much about their processes just didn’t feel right. If they choose to share their own thoughts and methods and insecurities about recording, then so be it, but I’ve felt like it hasn’t really been my place to do so. That being said, today I started making a new record and I can cry and complain and plead for advice and forgiveness all I want and not feel bad at all.

This is pretty much the hardest part about any artistic process -

The blank page/screen/whatever your medium. it’s empty and how do you start to fill it? I have a bunch of songs that are all swirling around in my head in various degrees of doneness, but how do I communicate it all? To start with, there’s 3 things that are going to keep me on track this time around.

ONE  - I’m a drummer. I’ve been really shying away from that over the past few things I’ve released, more or less because I wanted to make something very un-drum like and utilize the acoustic guitar which I really fell in one with. I wanted to hear pretty songs and I wasn’t hearing a pretty way to play a lot of drums. Not so this time. I’ve written the songs on acoustic guitar, but they’re all going to start with the drums. The finished product may not be all rhythm all the time, but it’s how it’s going to start.

TWO – I’m a lucky man and count some of the best musicians in the country as friends and colleagues. I’m bringing them into the process really early on for the first time and see if I can push the music further into a larger, fuller sound. If you played on my last record and you’re reading this, I’ll probably call you in the next couple days, and I love you.

THREE – I have a lab! It’s an amazing opportunity for me to have the luxury of a fully functioning workspace. I did the last record 90 percent in my living room thanks to a patient lady friend, super cool neighbours, and a semi quiet dog who loves guitar. It’s so great to be able to have things set up and ready at a separate work space outside my home; it helps me not obsess and clear my head. It also keeps me super focused, so when I’m at work I really am at work, no internet, no distractions. Business.

So, that’s the idea so far. I started this afternoon on a real foot stomper about Nova Scotia that I have my team picked for, and they’re coming in friday. I’m a little nervous and excited as hell. I’ve been lucky enough to learn a TON over the past while from everyone I’ve been worked over the past while and I’ve got some new tricks that may completely back fire or end up being awesome. We’ll see, and I’ll share them here right away. Thanks for sticking around. xo

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